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Co-Packing and Manufacturing Services

 We will manufacture OVER 126,000 GALLONS of sauce this year for numerous restaurant groups and private companies!

Small, Large and in between! Hot Fill, Cold Fill, Refrigerated Sauces and Ready To Drink Beverages…. We do it ALL.

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Co-Packing, R&D and Mass Manufacturing for Restaurant Groups
We offer co-packing, Research and Development, and manufacturing for restaurant groups of ALL sizes. The food service industry makes up 95% of our business and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way! We built our careers in the hospitality industry and a great deal of our passion is still within those walls. We understand your needs, we know how your products are being portioned, used and stored. We understand your financial stand points and we feel that is what makes Ashlynn’s the BEST co-packing and manufacturing company for YOUR job!

Large Batch Co-packing and Manufacturing

This includes all companies that manufacture at least 400 gallons per month. Odds are you have outgrown your current co-packer or maybe just looking for a change. We are here for you! 

Medium Batch Co-Packing

We consider this to be at least 100 gallons per production run. This is for those of you who have created a successful product on your own, scaled it, produced it and have proven it to be a great seller! Something people want to buy… But you can’t keep up with demand! You are in a great predicament and we would love to help!

Small Batch Co-Packing and Start Up Consulting

Have a GREAT product that you want to share with the world but don’t know where to start?! 

You have come to the right place!

We started the same way and we feel that it is only right to pay it forward and help the small guys! We will guide you through the process, step by step. We NOW offer an educational course that runs 1 time per month. In this course we will talk about all the things that make this journey seem so daunting! Such as recipe scaling, sourcing ingredients in bulk, labels, nutritional facts, ingredients list, pH levels and why they are important, containers and packaging as well as the financials! We will offer ideas on how to get your products out into the world and we will answer ALL of your questions, we know you have many!
Help Us Help YOU! This course will help you decide if you are really ready to dive into the industry and will help us determine which of our services will be best for you and your new business.  Please understand that we have MANY new start-up companies that come to us every month and we can only take so many at one time. If you are interested in getting started please RESERVE YOUR SEAT FOR THE NEXT CLASS right away! 

Next Educational Course will be on June 5th at 9:30 a.m. at our facility in Clearwater! Class is $150.00 per person and will last around 3 hours. Please sign up early and make sure to have your questions written down! We look forward to seeing you! 

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Being in this business since 2007, I have come to understand that this is a tightly knitted community of dreamers and Doers. Many people have risked it all to make their dreams of being “THE Sauce Boss” a reality. It takes guts, it takes determination and, far too often, it takes way too much money to get started. The food industry is fierce and extremely competitive, however, if you have a GREAT product and a good bit of determination and a solid financial plan, you have the opportunity to grow as big as you would like.

A major concern, for nearly every company I know, is co-packing. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of distrust in this area. I have seen my fair share of dishonesty as well, which has led me to this stage of business. I have worked inside many co-packing facilities and have learned the “tricks” of the trade. I have seen first hand how experiences, good and bad, have impacted businesses and how the determined entrepreneur reacts. This is a hard job, no doubt. We all must be crazy to do it, but, we all love food, therefore, we love to create it with care and a lot of consideration. We also love to see our clients and their customers enjoy it!

I came to realize, early on in my journey, that this business does NOT have to be so difficult. You SHOULDN’T be laying awake at night worrying about the job that your consultant and co-packer is doing for you. You SHOULD be anxiously awaiting the dawn of a new day in business, you SHOULD be excited about new opportunities. You SHOULD be focusing on selling the product and building the business… not worrying about whether or not it was made correctly or priced honestly.

We want your experience is this business to be a positive one. I want to gain your trust, I want to give you total transparency in your invoicing, I want you to join us in the kitchen when we produce your sauces, I want to make sure that every batch is exactly how you want it to be, I want your business to grow and I truly believe that glory multiplies, it’s not just something I will say.

If you have, even the slightest bit, of interest in this type of consulting and co-packing environment please feel free to reach out!

Being successful enough in our own ventures to be able to offer consulting, co-packing and manufacturing services to others is truly a blessing and we are grateful!

What are our clients saying??

Joe Harrity of Doc Ford’s Writes: 

Ashlynn’s Gourmet has been an integral part in our vision to expand a sauce we use in our signature dish at Doc Ford’s and sell it by the bottle. Annthea has been extremely helpful and responsive to all our needs. It was an area that we were completely unfamiliar with, and she guided us through the whole process, and continues to do so. They worked with us and stayed patient through multiple iterations of our sauce and worked well with us to get it to a point we we’re happy with.

Min’s Matcha writes:

“Co-packers often get a bad rap and based on our own culinary journey, I can understand why.  After we established several wholesale clients for our beverage, we knew we needed a co-packer to help us grow so I started making phone calls.  The first co-packer that I called wouldn’t even say hello until I filled out their Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements.  Another one told me that we had to use THEIR bottles (versus that ones I was building my brand with).  Another would only use plastic bottles.  One would never call me back.  And although there were a few good ones out-of-state, we wanted to keep our product – including the production of it – as local as possible.  Then we met Annthea with Ashlynn’s Gourmet.  She listened to us and spent much time working with us before we even stepped foot in her facility.  When we requested to be a part of the production, she said yes.  Her years of culinary experience along with the high-grade equipment in her facility has made our products even more delicious than we could make it ourselves.  Her work ethic is unparalleled. Her facility is immaculate.  Because of Annthea and Ashlynn’s Gourmet, we can finally focus on the other parts of our business to grow it to its potential, because not only does she make it delicious, she also manufactures it significantly faster than we can make it ourselves.  We are truly grateful for Annthea and look forward to see how our business grows with the help of Ashlynn’s Gourmet.”


DJ’s Homemade Salsa writes:

My name is Donny Hatzenbuhler, I recently opened my own business called DJ’s homemade. I researched and reached out to a few co-packers and the first time to meet and speak with Annthea, I knew exactly who I wanted to work with. She sat me down and went over, step by step, the processes of taking my recipes and turning them into a manufactured product. I was completely involved from start to finish making my first batch. Understanding every process, time, cost etc. She is very upfront and to the point. I look forward to continuing my new experience and business and can’t imagine trying to do this with anyone else.