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Co-Packing Services are NOW available

Co-Packing Services we will be offering include, but not limited to:

*Small Batch Fridays*
Have a product you are looking to bring to market but don’t what 50 gallons? Don’t know where or how to start? That is what we are here for! We will help you with all of your questions and concerns. All you have to do is take the first step. Anything is possible if you have the courage to make it happen…

*Large Batch Co-packing*
This includes anything over 50 gallons per batch.

*Co-Packing for Restaurant Groups*

We pack for restaurant groups of ALL sizes. The food service industry makes up 95% of our business and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way! We built our careers in the hospitality industry and a great deal of our passion is still within those walls. We understand your needs, we know how your products are being portioned, used and stored. We understand your financial stand points and we feel that is what makes Ashlynn’s the BEST co-packing company for YOUR job!

Being in this business for 10 years, I have come to understand that this is a tightly knitted community of dreamers and Doers. Many people have risked it all to make their dreams of being “THE Sauce Boss” a reality. It takes guts, it takes determination and, far too often, it takes way too much money. The food industry is fierce and extremely competitive, but, if you have a good product and a good bit of determination, you have the opportunity to grow as big as you would like.

A major concern, for nearly every company I know, is co-packing. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of distrust in this area. I have seen my fair share of dishonesty as well which has led me to this stage of business. I have worked inside many co-packing facilities and have learned the “tricks” of the trade. I have seen firsthand how experiences, good and bad, have impacted businesses and how the determined entrepreneur reacts.

I came to realize, early on in my journey, that this business does NOT have to be so difficult. You SHOULDN’T be laying awake at night worrying about the job that your co-packer is doing for you. You SHOULD be anxiously awaiting the dawn of a new day in business, you SHOULD be excited about new opportunities. You SHOULD be focusing on selling the product, not worrying about whether or not it was made correctly or priced honestly.

I want your experience is this business to be a positive one. I want to gain your trust, I want to give you total transparency in your invoicing, I want you to join us in the kitchen when we produce your sauces, I want to make sure that every batch is exactly how you want it to be, I want your business to grow and I truly believe that glory multiplies, it’s not just something I will say. I want you to be educated and I want to answer your questions, calm your concerns and give you a leg up when you need it. I have been in your shoes, and I remember every single step.

If you have, even the slightest bit, of interest in this type of co-packing environment please feel free to reach out!