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Got the next BEST product and you’re ready to DIVE in to the Food Business?? Come on in….

Starting a food business is TOUGH! We KNOW that! You have a great product and your friends, family and neighbors LOVE it… but you don’t know where to go from there, right? Maybe you have looked into renting a commercial kitchen, selling at markets or even searched for co-packers only to end up with nothing. We get it! Which is why we are consulting dreamers just like YOU! If YOU have answered YES to any of the above then Ashlynn’s consulting was created for YOU!

As the ONLY “small batch” food product consultant AND manufacturer in Florida,

we hear stories and frustrations like yours every day. We hear things like “Co-packers won’t call me back!”, “I have called and called and no one will pick up the phone or respond to my emails!”, “They have my Process Approval and will not release it!!” or “They want me to run hundreds of gallons and I don’t need that much!” We hear “I have a great product BUT I have no clue what I am doing!” WE hear YOU loud and clear and we are here to help.

So Let’s Get Down To Business!

You have THREE choices when faced with this daunting task, you can spend hours and hours figuring out everything from how to start a business, how to find a commercial kitchen or what are the local, state and federal regulations are, you can take our E-Course OR you can hire food industry consultants to help you on the way. It really depends on how much time you have, and how much your time is worth.


Hiring Ashlynn’s to guide you on your path is another way to bring your product to market. We have over 13 years of experience in co packing, ingredient sourcing and modifying formulas to fit manufacturing parameters.

We KNOW you have a lot of questions and we are here to answer ALL of them.

You will be given access to weekly phone conversations, face to face meetings to visit our kitchen, one on one recipe development, product test batches, nutritional information and ingredients list(s), FDA registration of your product, Process Approvals, label review and guidance, and finally, manufacturing of your finished product. We are the easiest solution to bringing your product to market in a very short period of time!

Go with someone else and Expect Big Costs!

A consulting firm may cost as much as $10,000 to $50,000 to even begin discussions! We have seen this too many times to count and we are BAFFLED by the lack of knowledge that most of the “consultants” have! Most of them have never worked in a manufacturing company a day in their lives, nor have they ever brought a product of their own to market!

We had a client who spent over $20,000 to have a consulting firm find us for co-packing.

They did not help with recipe development or anything having to do with the product itself. They did help with label creation but fell short, printing labels for a new product rollout on peel off avery labels which needed to be hand applied, instead of doing the job right and having the labels professionally created and printed on rolls that would have enabled us to use our labeling machine. This lack of performance by the consulting team ended up costing the client more in labor charges when we manufactured their first run. If you go to a consultant with only $1000 dollars, they will not take you on as a client.

If you reach out to a co-packing company they will be able to manufacture your product but they WILL NOT CONSULT YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!

They will charge a set up fee (usually around $500 to $1000) to run your test batches and get your product approved by a lab, they will run your nutritional values and some will create barcodes for you. They will NOT help with anything further and they do not have time to answer your questions about anything more than your recipe. When you are ready to run your initial batch, you will be asked to run anywhere from 100 gallons up to 500 gallons of product. You better hope that your labels are correct and that you have done enough research on how to SELL all of that product! This is a shot in the dark, and an expensive one!!

Or you can hire Ashlynn’s and have a one stop shop at your fingertips! The choice is CLEAR!

Let’s Be Clear On Your Budget: Our services, from start to finish, cost Less than $5000. This includes Recipe development for 1 product (each product thereafter will be subject to a $650 set up fee), 6 one hour phone calls (limit one per week) to answer ALL of your questions about the entire process from development to ingredient sourcing, labeling, product price, distributorships, marketing and sales and tier pricing. Two test batches per product, ingredients list, nutritional information and panels, label review and guidance, access to our group of designers and printers, pricing and production of your finished formula. (cost associated with actual production of the product not included) Knowledge is Power, My Friend! THIS is a DEAL… especially when you can’t even get the other guys to pick up the phone….

Understanding our Capabilities: We are here to bring your product to market and give you the BEST tools and resources to be successful. We DO NOT to do your marketing, write your business plan or distribute your product. Although we will help guide you in these areas.

Ownership: We have no interest in owning or stealing your formulas or recipes. We create, consult and co-pack for other people all day long. Our confidentiality agreements will be signed by both parties to and clearly states that you will own everything we develop, consult on and/or co-pack for you.

Bringing a new product to market has many challenges. This is a TOUGH business!

Finding a co-packer, making sure all regulations are followed, using the right equipment and understanding manufacturing limitations are all technical know-how’s that we deal with on a regular basis. Hiring Ashlynn’s as your consultant and co-packer will not only save you time, but long term money as well. We will make sure that you don’t violate any regulations, resulting in fines, recalls and damaged reputation! We will give you the VERY BEST GUIDANCE TO BE A SUCCESS IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY! DO NOT try to do this by yourself, leave it to the experts!