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  New Creations In The Works

At Ashlynn’s Gourmet we are always in the place that fits us best, the kitchen, therefore, New Creations are always In The Works! We are constantly researching and developing trend-setting products to bring to your table so that you can impress and indulge without spending your life’s pay. Here are some of the creations you can expect to enjoy in the following months….

*Hand Crafted Ketchups*

Classic Ketchup, Green Chili Chipotle Ketchup, Italian Herb Ketchup, Ancho Chili & Citrus Zest Ketchup, Honey Habanero Ketchup, All Original Dog Sauce

*Refrigerated Salad Dressings*

Tarragon Vinaigrette, Homestyle Ranch, Truly Honey Mustard

*Ready To Drink CBD Teas*

Our very own “Witches Brew” made with pure CBD oil, organic teas, fruits, herbs, roots and nutrient rich powders from across the globe