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Balsamic Glaze


Balsamic Glaze

Italians have used balsamic vinegar for centuries in every way possible from medicinal purposes to enhancing and preserving food. When reduced, the bold bite of vinegar fades away and it becomes an intensely sweet “glaze” that traditionally has been used over ice cream, cakes and pasta.

Ashlynn’s took this already amazing glaze and achieved perfection with fresh fruit and complimenting wines.

One of our top priorities when creating new products is versatility. We want you to get the most out of every product that you purchase. All six flavors of our fruited wine balsamic glazes offer extreme versatility and can be used throughout every course of your meal from start to finish.


 Strawberry Zinfandel

(Available at Whole Foods Markets throughout Florida!)

strawberry zin

Fresh and very sweet, this balsamic glaze is perfect as a salad dressing over spinach, mixed greens or arugula. However we believe the best way to use this is after dinner on desserts such as ice cream, pound cake, angel food and short cake.

Peach Chablis 

peach balsamic


A Georgia summer day dream! We have accompanied everything under the sun with this balsamic glaze: salads, cheeses, grilled salmon, pork chops, pork tenderloin and fried chicken. Glaze your holiday hams and turkeys for a new spin on “honey baked.” As for desserts, pair with cream cheese and vanilla wafers, ice cream and pound cake for starters!

Cherry Chianti 

Seasonal Product

Sour Cherries with their deeply bold flavor are a “must match” for heartier meats like beef and venison. Additionally, chicken, pork and turkey are versatile proteins that aren’t so ordinary after being topped with this glaze. Salads are perfect and just like the others this balsamic glaze is a perfect topping for ice cream and pound cake!

Pomegranate Port 

pomegranate port

Seasonal Product

This is an extremely intense yet surprisingly smooth balsamic glaze. Try this on grilled or broiled salmon, baste it on steak, pork chops and chicken or mix it with olive oil for a “one of a kind” salad dressing. As always don’t forget to serve it over ice cream and pound cake!

Fig Francesca 

(Available at Whole Foods Markets throughout Florida!)

fig balsamic

Mission figs and a mix of cabernet and merlot wines create a smooth, sweet yet savory balsamic glaze that compliments everything it touches. It is amazing over grilled pork tenderloin, steak, chicken and fish. This glaze is also excellent as a salad dressing and when mixed with syrup is a perfect twist on pancakes and waffles.

  Raspberry Merlot 

Seasonal Product

Raspberries and wine… nothing compares. This, like the cherry, is great for hearty meats and spinach or arugula salads. Also excellent over cheese cake, cream cheese, baked brie, ice cream and don’t forget to try this sauce drizzled over freshly baked brownies!

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