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Gourmet Glazes and Salsas

Gourmet Glazes and Salsas

 While the culinary world might be full of Gourmet Glazes and Salsas, it seems that there is always room for a few more great ones!

last year Ashlynn’s took Gourmet Glazes and Salsas to a new level with our “Struttin’ Down Heat Street Collection” and it resulted in 2 awards from The Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show in Orlando!

mango and honey hab

** Honey Habanero Glaze**

honey hab

Best New Product Award!

Sweet, golden honey masterfully blended with summer sun kissed habanero peppers to create this incredibly delicious honey habanero glaze and dipping sauce. Pairs extremely well with chicken, pork and salmon as well as rice, salads, vegetables of all kinds and accompanies cheese and fruit platters exquisitely

** Mango Salsa Glaze**

mango salsa glaze

Best In Show Award!

Sweet, ripe mangoes perfectly blended with just the right amount of natural Island spices, cilantro and sun drenched red habanero peppers to create this sweet fruit glaze with a touch of Island heat. Perfectly accompanies any type of fish and is equally satisfying on beef, chicken and pork. Also works incredibly well in salads and rice or paired with a cheese plate