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Hot Sauce

By Solomon’s Punishment

We’ve Changed Our Look… But Not Our Taste!

Hot Sauce Collection

Solomon’s Punishment Hot Sauces

Hot Sauce is only good if it’s “Haute” and kissed by the lips of punishment….

Everyone needs a little punishment in their lives! The Chileheads down in Texas agreed and sent us home with a 1st Place Golden Chile to prove it! It’s not HOT, it’s HAUTE! We don’t mess around with false imitations, no extracts here, just “hot as hell” fresh peeper mash made in house and aged at least 6 months before we even think about splashing the kettle! We mix in the goods and you get a prime and perfect bottle of Hot Sauce each and every time!

Mandarin Orange & Red Habanero

(previously named Riddles of Sheba)

mandarin orange & Red Habanero

Sweet Mandarin oranges meet sun kissed habaneros to give you the perfect sweet heat combination. A good everyday hot sauce that takes every bite to the next level! Insanely good on baja fish tacos, wings, grilled fish and shellfish, smoked pulled chicken & fish spread!  $6.00

 Sun-drenched Habanero

(Previously named Pharaoh’s Fire)

Sundrenched Habanero

Aged Sun-drenched Habanero Peppers Masterfully blended with sweet apple cider vinegar and natural spices to create this intensely flavored hot sauce. Need a swift kick of flavor? This is your sauce! A favorite on eggs, wings, tacos, burritos, sandwiches, etc….. $6.00

Sweet Soy, Apricot & Red Jalapenos

(Previously named Asian Nightmare)

Sweet Soy & Red Jalapenos

Naturally brewed soy sauce, aged red jalapenos, sweet apricots & Eastern spices masterfully intertwined to create this award winning hot sauce. Delicious on everything but incredibly delicious paired with fish, poultry, shellfish, sushi, fried rice & eggrolls! $6.00

Pineapple Jamaican Jerk

(Previously Named King’s Judgement)

pineapple jamacian jerk

Sweet pineapple, Jamaican jerk spice & the heat of yellow habaneros and scotch bonnet peppers exquisitely blended to bring you a true taste of the islands. Enjoy with fish, poultry, beef kabobs, shrimp, crab cakes, fish spread & chicken wings! Use as a marinade anytime!  $6.00

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GC.Award.SFP_2012Our Sweet Soy, Apricot & Red Jalapeno proudly brought home a Golden Chile!