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T.K. Waugh’s BBQ Sauce

Just Good Ol’ American Made Que….

We are INCREDIBLY HAPPY to announce that you can NOW find 3 of T.K. Waugh’s at over 155 WINN-DIXIE SUPERMARKETS throughout Central Florida!

TK Waugh's Que

BBQ Sauce isn’t just tomato sauce, molasses and vinegar. It deserves to have character, so we gave it some! Fresh fruit, a bite of bourbon, a swift kick of moonshine, some hellfire hot pepper mash and a sweet southern kiss of small town tradition.

There’s a flavor for everyone and every season, whether you’re from the NYC or Oklahoma. So fire up the pit, crack open a cold one, holler at the neighbors and have a good ol’ time.

From my Dad’s smoke pit to yours! Fire up the smoker, call some friends, put the beer on ice and make sure you’ve got plenty of napkins! You can never have enough good Que’….

Baked Apple Que’

(Available @ your local Winn Dixie Stores throughout Central Florida!)

apple que truck label

Dad must have spilled some BBQ Sauce in Grandma’s apple pie and figured they both were too good to waste!

$6.00 12FL.OZ.

Sweet BBQ Sauce

Sweet Southern Style ‘Que… The Original

Just some good BBQ Sauce from Dad’s backyard. Word to the wise… if ya ain’t sweet enough yourself, just make your BBQ sauce sweeter. Dad can be sweet, but when he’s not, the sauce makes up for it.

$6.00 12FL.OZ.


Hot Island ‘Que…. (Pineapple Jamaican Jerk)

(Available @ your local Winn Dixie Stores throughout Central Florida!)

hot island truck label

Straight out of the Southern Most Point, Key West. Dad claims his favorite spot is 20 miles off the coast… but by the taste of this BBQ Sauce I’d say he went a lot further than that!

$6.00 12FL.OZ.


Peach Moonshine & Bourbon Que’

(Available @ your local Winn Dixie Stores throughout Central Florida!)

peach que truck label

We made this BBQ Sauce with a splash of some good Bourbon and Southern Peach “SHINE”

$6.00 12FL.OZ.

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