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Gourmet Recipes

Gourmet Recipes aren’t always difficult, many times they are extremely easy. There is nothing stopping you from creating masterpieces of your own… if you can grill a piece of chicken, cut a summer salad, boil a pot of pasta or bake a fillet of salmon you are well on your way to an impressive spread…

Our list of Gourmet Recipes will prove just that.

It’s ALL about the SAUCE!

There aren’t many rules to food, the “rule book” is actually very slim, although some would beg to differ. That’s fine by us, we will allow them to beg and differ as much as they would like. We are too busy being culinary creative to worry much about what everyone else thinks. We love food and believe that we live to eat as opposed to the opposite. Food is emotional, it heals you, it takes you back to places visited before and reminds us of days past. Food creates celebrations and celebrations are not complete without it. Food is so important, not just to feed our bodies but to feed our souls. There are many who feel the same and we welcome you to join us on this delicious adventure.  This culinary world continues to deliver and we don’t want to skip a bite!


Because the flavors of life, my friends, are the paths to a LIFE WELL LIVED!

We hope that you will enjoy this journey to a life well lived with all of us here at Ashlynn’s Gourmet.

We sincerely THANK YOU for stopping by and we hope you have a perfect day…


Annthea Waugh, Michael Salem, Jade Ashlynn


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